FBI Files Reflect the Personal Life of Mafia Boss Carlo Gambino

Carlo Gambino Mug Shot

It is imperative that every effort be made to establish highly confidential coverage of Gambino in view of his position as a “Commission” member and his obvious importance as a top leader in the criminal organization controlled by the “Commission.” Considerable information has been developed recently indicating that Gambino is of key importance at the top level in the organized crime underworld in this country as an arbitrator and consultant. [Redacted] Because of Gambino’s key position on the “Commission” it is of utmost importance that we obtain the desired coverage of his activities, enabling us to stay currently informed on his contacts with some of the most important racket figures in this country.

Gambino was born on August 24, 1902 in Palermo, Sicily, and entered the United States on December 23, 1921 Norfolk, VA “as a stowaway aboard the S.S. Vincenzo Florio.” Although Gambino was off the FBI’s radar screen until the Apalachin Meeting bust, the mobster had not gone unnoticed by other federal law enforcement agencies during the 1930s and 1940s.

Since the coming of Prohibition, there has been in the City of New York and vicinity and extending into the State of New Jersey a notorious, daring group of bootleggers known as the GAMBINO outfit. The principal members of this outfit are: CARLO GAMBINO; his brother PAUL GAMBINO; and their cousin ANTHONY GAMBINO.

Even after the repeal of Prohibition Gambino allegedly continued in the black market for alcohol, and according to ATU reports cited by the FBI the mobster failed to pay millions in taxes on his product.

Among the clients and former clients are Wellington Associates, owners of the Chrysler Building and the largest acquirers of real estate in the metropolitan area in recent years; William J. Levitt, most of whose massive building operations have been with non-union labor; Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals, Howard Clothes, Bond Clothes, and the Concord Hotel at Lake Kiamesha, N.Y.

The article estimated that S.G.S. Associates earned $500,000 a year in billings although its clients claimed ignorance of the Gambino tie:

Several S.G.S. clients, who confirmed that they had been questioned by F.B.I. agents recently, said they had been unaware that the G. in the firm name stood for Gambino. They said they had ended their contracts, or were about to do so, after learning of the Mafia connection.

Among the unions in which Carlo Gambino allegedly had influence was the International Longshoremen’s Association.

He stated the GAMBINOs were very voluble when talking about the wedding, such as the menu, but if [event planner] asked a personal question, they were immediately on their guard and wanted to know why [event planner] wanted to know.

For example, [event planner] asked the name of the bride, and they asked why he wanted to know and he told them he was getting a charm for the bride and then they told him the bride’s name, [redacted].

He also asked where they were getting married and all they would tell him was Astoria.

The November 24 wedding ceremony was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel at 23–25 Newtown Avenue, and just two days later an FBI informant advised that the following reputed mobsters from various families were among those who attended: Dave Amodeo, John Angelone, Frank Mari, Joseph Colombo, Nicholas Forlano, Sam Cavalieri, Aniello Dellacroce, Guido DeCurtis, Anthony Sedotto, Joseph Paterno and Anthony Napolitano.

CARLO GAMBINO died of heart disease 10/15/76 at 34 Club Drive, Massapequa, LI, NY (not verified by death certificate). GAMBINO waked at Cusimano and Russo Funeral Home, 10/16–17/76. Funeral services held 10 AM 10/18/76 at Our Lady of Grace Church, Ave. W and E. 4th St., Brooklyn, NY. Burial services followed at the Cloisters, St. John’s Cemetery, Queens, NY.

It’s ironic that Gambino received a funeral mass given that he probably would have rolled dice for Christ’s clothing if present at the Crucifixion.



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