The 1966 September Night A Gay Teen From East Harlem Was Killed On The Christopher Street Pier

Street diagram identifying crime scene on Pier 45 at the foot of Christopher Street.
Truck trailers parked along the shoreline bulkhead next to the storage building and Pier 45 where James Ryan knocked Charles Ball from the wooden beam on which he was standing into the Hudson River.
Interior diagram of the Keller Bar inside the Keller Hotel on West and Barrow Streets across from the crime scene where James Ryan had been drinking.
18-year-old Charles Ball after he was recovered from the Hudson River on the floor of the storage building between the truck trailers and Pier 45.



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Phillip Crawford Jr.

Phillip Crawford Jr.


The Mafia and the Gays, Railroaded: The Homophobic Prosecution of Brandon Woodruff for His Parents’ Murders, Queer Joints, Wiseguys and G-Men & Jersey Queens.